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neanderthal portrait with reference by plucky-ducky
neanderthal portrait with reference
this is a study for learning how to draw neanderthals less cartoony more realistic for my character Brook who is the fat one i keep drawing and you can find in my gallery

i used the bust by Blake Ketchum found here… as a reference. 
its defiently in the top 5 best neanderthal busts at least imo
Eragon urgal AU by plucky-ducky
Eragon urgal AU
my sister is currently rereading Eragon in spanish this time, and shed painstakingly translate and read back the story to me.

the urgals are my favorite part- to those who haven't read the Eragon series the urgals are similar to orcs but with a cultural focus on horns and too many toes- and they come around to the good side as a race  eventually. i got to telling her to just rewrite the entire series with everything the same but Eragon is an urgal living in urgal town doing urgal things- it would be much different. 

for one thing he'd find Saphiras egg and then immediately hand it over to the crimson haired anime that is Durza and his crush on Arya would be 100x more hilarious 
Lady Dwarf by plucky-ducky
Lady Dwarf
i once drew a fanart dwarf of cheery littlebottom, which i have edited to look better, and should update, but this is not it this is an entirely made up woman dwarf i spent many hours coloring today

my advice to anyone trying to teach themselves something is to go ahead and have add it, but then loose interest for years at a time, and then try it again. ur past knowledge will trick u into thinking ur talent is innate and u will be more motivated the 2nd time around. 

HOWEVER u will be much abliged to teach yourself /everything/ u need to know so when the dawn of the 2nd learning comes again u will be fully prepared....

she throws one handful of petals on the ground for good measure


United States

i also happen to have a tumblr, just in case you wish to see me post all the same art a second time and also wish to see the kind of reblogs i like to reblog. or perhaps you are interested in the random posts about vaguely scientific things/books/very specifically neanderthals that happen every once in a while. 

either way it is only just that you know i have one of these. u-u i cannot live a lie.............. the truth is out there...................................................

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