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Turkey by plucky-ducky
shes got .... less of the shimmy shams, more of the turkey-in-the-rain type deal goin on.

ARTIST TIP: diversify the body types of your characters! when you feel like drawing a big person draw the big one, when you wanna draw a skinny person draw the skinny one, ad infinitum.


United States

i sometimes get ideas for something to post about, but then dont get around to typing it up..

anyway one of my classes this semester is “Exploring Cross-Cultural Diversity” and in it last class we talked about how the idea of race was consciously created. 

the 1st  African workers that came to america were African Europeans who were christian and knew the culture of europe and came to america with the same status as white indentured servants, and worked along side them. and were free to gain their freedom after so many years and go on to own their own land and have both black slaves and white indentured servants work for them. the article we read for class said that ‘slave’ and ‘servant’ were used interchangeably. 

blacks and whites and were also free to intermarry, and having a black father and a white mother even wasnt unusual. it wasnt until after rebellions of the whole workforce- African and white and even some native american servants- started banding together for protests that the people in charge decided to divide up the workers so that wouldnt happen anymore, and started imposing laws limiting Africans rights and taking slaves straight from places in africa where they werent christian and so could be looked down on, that race became what it is today. 

now why am i saying this? this cant be anything new to anyone whose done race studies right? right! 

but, it illustrates how social things can be conflated in human culture to be something biological, even when its backed up by literally nothing in reality or science or however you want to say it. 

how much worse would it be if there actually were identifiable differences between people? any? a million times more so? i feel like this sort of thing could be explored in the setting of a story. probably with the Tolkien-esque races that people in pop culture like to make parallels with human races, but also at the same time like to make out like their entirely different species. like the elves from Dragon Age i said could be humans with flappy ears, i think there could be a story set in some pseudo- or real fantasy world, where one or all of the “Races” are either written as actually meant to be completely different species which, i think would make a huge difference in how they appear/are written, 

and/OR, one or all of the “Races” are actually the same species, either deliberately changed in someway that the humans socially dont categorize themselves the same anymore,  or not at all, but the way they see themselves as different is constructed, as race is today. 

but now i dont feel qualified to write it, as a 21 year old white person who hasnt finished even half a diversity course lol

would be cool tho

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