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Camping with the urgal pg 5 by plucky-ducky
Camping with the urgal pg 5
last page!!! 
this is my favorite scene from all of the eragon books,,,, i love a sassy urgal

i could have paced this page a bit better i think, but then i wouldnt have been done for several more months TT_____TT i do think doing this has made me get much better at coloring though

page 1:…
page 2:…
page 3:…
page 4:…
Notesonbrook by plucky-ducky

i have drawn this fat face a million times and i never get tired of it.... some notes on brook here:

shes got that reoccurring ε shape with her nose and torso.... shes very rounded, soft,

i dont want to talk about her character too much just in case i ever do something with her long term where that would come out with the story BUT if you have been following me for any extended length of time/ read the tags in her drawings you have probably guessed shes meant to be a neanderthal character. (i feel very childish just bringing that up but im also a strong believer in the idea that you dont need to be ashamed of simple facts about yourself. as a bonafide silly neanderthal weirdo.... i have the right... to make an OC Dont Steal) 

well shes meant to be part neanderthal but when your 16 and dont know anything about how they looked and you cant really draw yet, you cant exactly go into drawing people with a hybrid in mind. so as ive learned to draw both regular people, and neanderthals, she has changed quite a bit. 

my style has never been meant to be 100% realistic, and with accounting for that, i think shes at least fairly accurate to how a neanderthal should look. the nose is exaggerated. when i draw her facing forward it sometimes doesnt seem like her face projects enough. also when i draw her with other characters her whole face is much much bigger than everyone elses head. she looks like she could eat somebody. thats not so bad if im going for “make her look like a distinctly different species” but god forbid if she gets a love interest lol

i love her so much....



United States

today i have finished my 2nd mass family tree population UuU. 

i did one last year based on my nymphs, and i was very proud. this one is more based on normal populations, BUT it includes death dates this time!!! this way i can know would be still and alive and part of the population. thats a very big improvement for “realism” 

of course its not very real… i didnt have anyone under the age of 28 die even though i had most people not living to their 60s. (its too sadd)

im not going to post pictures this time but ill share a link where you can go look at all the “records” so to speak (go to sheet 3 and scroll right) the family tree itself is on family echo…

theres a red line in the middle with the year number, and on the left is the mothers for that year, and the right is the people born that year. it goes from 1800 to 2015 and is set up and waiting for 2016….

i wish i could start at year 0000 and go to present day, but i think 200 ears is my limit for attention span, and it still takes months and months to do. i would really really like to have a program that i could plug things into and it would make one of these for me. like there are some very nonrealistic things i put in place for myself to keep things neat, like there is a set # of babies that can be born in a year and if i hit that number before going through all the potential mothers for that year then thats it. (if that happens 3 times in a row i add ONE more slot) 

another is i have a minimum of 3 years inbetween siblings. id like it to be 2 years, but that would just make the population grow too fast, and i have it so that any eligible woman has a 1/7 chance of being a mother for that year, idk if that is accurate, and id like for siblings to be more regularly spaced…. sometimes ill have 2 that are 3 years apart and then the next is like 12….

if you wanna know what any of the other stuff in the sheet means feel free to ask

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